Our Values



A highly skilled and Innovative Company whose well-motivated work-force consistently meet and exceed its customers’ needs and expectation.

An employer of choice and preferred advisor of clients with Pan African Footprint; ranked among the top 5 leading IT companies in Nigeria and respected for providing innovative solution.

Positioning Statement

ActivEdge Technologies is positioned to be a recognized leader in the IT Business in Nigeria. With a Pan African footprint, we must be able to play at a level where our standards, Innovation and Track Record can be a benchmark for IT companies in Africa.

Corporate Philosophy

Mountain View

At ActivEdge Technologies, we are driven by results and change, as well as our quest to building long-term relationships with our customers and partners.

Our model of engagement is deeply embedded in continuous partnership with our clients towards developing unique solutions based on specific business and operational goals and objectives. This approach ensures that our clients will consistently benefit from our beliefs, expert knowledge and skills; with quality delivery and support.

Our corporate tagline – we found a new formula for success - best captures and communicates the very essence of our corporate philosophy, which cherishes partnerships, relationships and collaborations based on trust and responsibility, confidentiality and integrity, customer-centric culture and strategic alliances.

While working with you, we will ensure that needs are clearly identified and understood, and that suitable solutions are provided to meet specific objectives within time and budget.

Business Drivers

As a Pan-African Information Technology Company, we are driven by the need to help the African Continent surmount its technology and infrastructural challenges in a world that is on the fast lane of cutting edge scientific and technological advancements.

By mitigating risks, and optimizing cost and benefits, ActivEdge Technologies is poised and committed to delivering value and meaning to Information Technology Investments and Strategic Projects aimed at bridging technology gaps for Africa to assure her place in the global village where indices for measuring national growth and advancements are hinged on Information and Communications Technology.