Enterprise Application Solutions

With the right Enterprise Mobility Solution, your employees, customers and business partners will get access to your business applications as much on a smartphone or tablet as they do on a laptop or PC. Whether they’re in the office or on the go, access to important information makes it possible for them to work and communicate consistently. However, getting mission-critical apps to employees, across a variety of mobile devices, with sound Visibility, Control and Security has never been easy. With our industry-leading Mobility Solutions for Mobile Device Management and Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms , you can move with your business ! ActivEdge Technologies can help your organization keep pace with your people, your partners, and your customers. Seamlessly and Securely, we will help you turn their mobile devices into their pocket offices while on the the move.

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When you combine our expertise and the various mobility solutions we offer, your people with be empowered with the tools and technology they need to get the job done virtually anywhere, at any time, thereby boosting your employees productivity and customer’s satisfaction.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Everyday, corporate organizations make countless business decisions aimed at boosting organizational performance. Unfortunately, most of these decisions are made with no measure of their strategic impacts, real tradeoffs and risk exposures. Therefore, there is a critical need to deliver Business Performance through Integrated Governance, Risk and compliance(GRC). As GRC gains momentum in various organizations across the globe, software is assuming a key role in delivering sustainability, consistency, efficiency and transparency across risk and compliance management challenges.

  • Businesss Continuity
  • Management Automation
  • Incident Management
  • Analysis Reporting
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Internal Audit
  • Operations Quality
  • Suatainability
  • Governance & Ethics

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ActivEdge Technologies provides market-leading GRC Software Solutions that deliver the Risk Intelligence you need to drive your business performance. Our solutions will enable a systematic approach to defining and managing your GRC initiatives, with sustainable and integrated processes that are aligned with your strategic corporate objectives.

Security Solution

We help you analyze your specific corporate requirements, and deliver best-fit solutions that secure your business against Next-Generation Threats and Advanced Cyber Attacks, while guaranteeing high returns on your investment. ActivEdge Technologies can help you with a seamlessly integrated Network Access Control Solution that proactively and re-actively controls end system communication on your network. With organizations constantly to balance increasingly competitive business drivers with the complex requirements of compliance as well as overall IT security; with sweeping new regulations, measures to protect data privacy, safeguards against data breach and efficiency of processes that govern regulatory compliance activities; with the need to deliver to higher and more rigorous standards; we provide cutting-edge techology for a soluion.

  • Email Security, Archiving and Aunthenhication
  • Iddentity & Access Management
  • Cyber Crime Prevention & SIEM

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At ActivEdge Technologies, we leverage on our rich experience and quality expertise in delivering top-notch Security Solutions that are highly featured, tested and trusted to meet your various Security needs.

Infrastructure Solution

Mission-critical applications directly affect employee productivity, business reputation and generated revenues. Data centers have evolved in terms of the network and server infrastructure, number and complexity of applications, types of users, and variety of end-users devices. Business Applications from vendors like Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, IBM and others – are expected to deliver fast responses times, be available 24×7, ensure consistent and seamless access from multiple locations, and have bullet-proof security.

  • Data Storage & Data Protection
  • Enterprise Content Management & Collaboration
  • Master Data Management
  • Data Quality Management

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Cutting edge solutions that guarantee the availability, scalability, performance optimization , and efficient delivery of your application services.

Dilling Software Solutions

We offer drilling software suites fully develpoed to meet the challenges operators and service companies face today in oil and gas industry. We offer the latest in technical advances in the form of simplicity and superior usability. These software packages can be used for both onshore and offshore operations, including vertical, directional or horizontal wells.

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