Drilling Software Solutions

Pegasus Vertex

With decades of engineering and software development efforts, Pegasus Vertex, Inc. (PVI) has developed a suite of drilling software to meet the challenges operators and service companies face today in oil and gas industry. PVI drilling software brings you the latest in technical advances in the form of simplicity and superior usability. These software packages can be used for both onshore and offshore operations, including vertical, directional or horizontal wells. Such software packages include:

  • TADPRO - Torque and Drag
  • HYDPRO - Drilling Hydraulics
  • MUDPRO+ - Advanced Drilling Mud Reporting
  • CentraDesign - Centralizer Placement
  • CEMPRO+ - CEMPRO with Mud Displacement Efficiency
  • CEMLab - Cement Lab Data Management
  • SurgeMOD - Surge Pressure Prediction
  • Dr. DE - Drilling Engineering Toolbox


DrillScan offers unique business solutions for improving drilling performance with solutions which enables operators to reduce absolute Non Productive Time (NPT) from 20% to 16% or 1 to 2% for every drilled well, unlocks an average saving of 0.8 million USD for a standard deepwater development well,improved ROP through optimized bit/BHA design & bit selection,Gain 10 to 20% ROP, save up to 1 million USD per well for non-conventional wells,improved well-path description for trouble free tubular running operations, gain 10 to 20% on trouble free tubular tripping operations: drill strings, casing and completion strings. Drillscan solutions improve TVD wellbore positioning through the reservoir, unlock reserves with a combined enhanced well placement and reservoir management and gain millions of additional USD. Ensures customer strategic decision making; with guidance and definition of robust drilling systems for specific applications such as:

  • Complex wells
  • Deep water drilling
  • High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT)
  • Foothills
  • Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD)
  • Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD)
  • Coal Bed Methan (CBM)
  • Extended Reach Drilling (ERD) and moreā€¦

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