Enterprise Applications

Reconciliation, Investigations and Dispute Resolution

ActivEdge Technologies is the sole service provider of market-leading reconciliation solution, SmartStream Corona. We have successfully helped financial institutions to understand their end-to-end transaction flow, managing transactions from inception to settlement.

We have provided reconciliation services ranging from business processes optimization to transaction matching, cash and liquidity management, settlement of balances, exception handling, reporting, inventory management, dispute and investigations management for financial services companies with multiple lines of business such as the capital market, retail and commercial banks like First Bank Plc, Zenith Bank Plc, Ecobank Plc etc.

Our services cuts across eProduct Settlement, Branch Services Improvement, Branch Operations, Foreign Banking Services, Treasury Services, Cash Management, Loan Management, Card Services, Mobile Financial Services, Electronic Fund Transfer, Credit Risk Management, ATM Reconciliation, Dispute Resolution Management, ATM Electronic Journal Management

Business Analytics

Forward thinking organizations seek innovative ways to improve performance, grow revenue, develop stronger customer relationships and increase workforce effectiveness given the increasing competition in today’s tough business climate.

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence is an extremely powerful and highly versatile tool, with a broad range of functionality that can help your organization to better understand their businesses like never before with informed decision making far beyond spreadsheets. With IBM Cognos BI, organizations can create and customize all forms of reports, dive deeper into your data to answer business questions, perform predicative analysis to identify patterns or drivers and guide future investments, visualize results and share them through dashboards or stories

At ActivEdge Technologies, we have BI experts who can help your organization to maximize your investment in Business Intelligence, empowering LOBs, Managers and Senior Executives with information they need to answer business questions, and make tactical and strategic business decisions.

ATM Journal Management

We can help financial institutions to retrieve electronic journal files from all your terminals, deposit them in a secure central repository and make the journals available centrally through our online portal for download. This service helps eliminate physical access to the ATM which is manual, time consuming and expensive. The journal retrieval has scheduling options for data download at convenient time intervals to ensure maximum network utilization and avoid downtimes. The service includes journal file transformation utility to and store transaction detail in a database.

Dispense Error Reporting and Dispute Resolution

This service helps identify all the transactions where the customer is unable to get cash from the terminal after his/her account has been debit for the transaction. The dispense error details like the account number, system audit number of the transaction, value of transaction and time dispense error occurred are made available from the error portal. This service aids in the reversal of these dispense errors and return value to the customer. The service helps achieve quick and automated dispute resolution while guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Not On Us Reconciliation

This service is used to reconcile all customers of other banks that use the terminal. These transactions are identified as OFF US/NOT ON US transactions and need to be reconciled. The journal transformation processing extract these transactions and they are validated against both the network/switch report and the core application. The aids in settlement processing and quick dispute resolution and guarantees customer satisfaction.

Cash Inventory and Proofing

The journal management service aids in monitoring cash inventory and proofing of terminal balance. All off loads and on loads to the terminal are captured on the journal and help in auditing the balance on the terminal after cash offloads. The service validates the terminal inventory against the core application and flags imbalances.